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A ton of preparation and planning went into the making of 50 Cent’s latest video, “My Life.” The video features the super trio of 50 Cent, Eminem and Adam Levine. If you haven’t seen it dominating the airwaves yet, watch it here:

50 Cent busted out a bigger budget for the “My Life” video. 50 wanted to use unique visuals in order to pass along the song’s message. He said, “The site we actually used, the architecture involved with the actual video itself, it feels like it’s almost a set. Like it was something that someone drew in a way.”

The abandoned station where “My Life” was filmed. Image via.

The video was directed by Rich Lee and shot in Eminem’s hometown of Detroit over the course of three days. The indoor scenes featuring 50 Cent were filmed in
Michigan Central Station, an abandoned train station. One day of filming was also done in California.

car 50 Cent drives in the video is a Chrysler John Varvatos edition. At the time of filming, the car was one of a kind. It retails for around $40,000.

Andre Dirrell, an Olympic boxer and Michigan native who’s signed to SMS promotions, has a cameo in the video.

Get the “My Life” single on iTunes now for your first look at “Street King Immortal,” 50’s full-length release slated to release in February.

Like the video? Did you catch a glimpse of 50’s SMS snapback? Get it in our online store, and put it in your shopping cart for a thoughtful present for all the diehard 50 Cent fans you know.

If you’re like most of us, you woke up one morning this week and realized it’s almost December, and the holidays are swiftly approaching. And, of course, you still don’t know what to get a few people on your list.

We all know that headphones are a dime a dozen. But a headphone that receives equal points for style and functionality, however, is a rare find. Some of our friends in the press know SMS Audio headphones fit the bill, and recommend you put them on your holiday shopping list this year:

Rolling Stone included the limited edition Yellow STREET by 50 over-ear headphones in its 2012 holiday gift guide featured in the December issue.

What did Rolling Stone have to say about SMS Audio?

“50 Cent is the latest rapper to enter the headphones game, releasing a line of sleek cans with bass big enough to rival Beats by Dre, and overall sound that's even more well-rounded."


The STREET by 50 over-ear headphones also graced the pages of the December issue of SELF Magazine in the "Gift it Up" section, which featured gifts that support a charity. In a partnership with Feeding America, each U.S. purchase on will provide 250 meals to hungry Americans.

PlayStation: The Official Magazine knew what was up when they included the wireless SYNC by 50 headphones in their holiday gift guide. They wrote, “A quality pair of headphones is a no brainer gift for our resident music aficionado.”

Find the perfect gift for everyone on your list with our full line of headphones. Happy shopping!

An artist’s unique sound is a result of the trials and tribulations he’s faced. Geography and local culture impact life experiences and shape an artist’s music, so it makes sense that different regions produce distinctive styles of hip-hop.

Here’s a rundown on what hip-hop sounds like across the United States and the styles you can expect to hear, from sea to shining sea.

East Coast Hip-Hop

East Coast hip-hop is known for its complex rhyme schemes and intricate lyrics. The beat doesn’t overshadow the lyrics, and East Coast artists like 50 Cent and Jay-Z tell their stories from East Coast cities over a tempo ringing in at about 90-120 beats per minute. 50 Cent uses this style to talk about his home, New York, and his hard-earned experiences there.

“Call me 50, call me Ferrari, call me New York.” – 50 Cent, NY

West Coast Hip-Hop

West Coast hip-hop has historically featured tougher beats and more aggressive lyrics, but this has recently begun to change. Up-and-coming rappers like Kendrick Lamar and Kid Ink are taking a relaxed approach to their music—more in keeping with the traditional image of California and the West Coast as a laid-back destination to chill. A large number of West Coast artists are from Los Angeles neighborhoods. (If you're a Kendrick Lamar fan, make sure to check him out on Friday at the SMS Audio-sponsored Black Friday show.)

“California living ‘til I am old.” – Kendrick Lamar, The Recipe

Southern Hip-Hop

Southern rappers have a broad range of styles. Some slow down and bounce their beats, while others speed them up. Thick accents from southern rappers in cities like Atlanta, New Orleans, and Houston contribute to the “dirty South” flavor of diversity. A typical southern hip-hop song hits about 140-160 beats per minute, making it a club-friendly and popular genre.

“Everybody know them Southern boys love that bass. Atlanta go bananas, Alabama, Louisiana.” T.I., Touchdown

Midwest Hip-Hop

Hip-hop in the Midwest is hard to distill. It encompasses the blue-collar work ethic of many Midwest citizens, but also the culltural differences that extend among Midwestern states. Hailing from Detroit, Eminem is arguably the most famous Midwest rapper.

“Welcome to Detroit City. Every place, everywhere we go, man we deep everywhere we roll.” Eminem, Welcome 2 Detroit City

So, what’s your flavor? No matter what your hip-hop genre of choice might be, we’ve constructed first-class, professionally styled headphones to make any style sound better. With noticeable comfort and long-lasting durability, they’ll support your East Coast beats or your West Coast jams with style.

Order from, and we’ll donate 25 meals to Feeding America with your purchase.

Photos of 50 Cent and Eminem via

SMS Audio Gift Guide

Nov 15 2012

You know you want to adorn your friends and loved ones with SMS Audio products for the holidays, but how do you know which one to choose? You could let your conscience be your guide, or you could look at our handy and insightful gift guide. You’re sure to find something for everybody on your list.

For the gym rat

STREET by 50 on-ear headphones are perfect for jocks and jockettes. They’re lightweight and foldable for easy gym transport, and they come with an included hard shell case to protect them from smelly gym socks and shoes.

For the disc jockey

Does your friend or family member swear by their turntables and live for the club? Our just-released DJ Pro Performance line includes STREET by 50 DJ and STREET by 50 DJ Pauly D Pro DJ options. In City Gray and Black, these headphones are sleek enough for the DJ booth and powerful enough to drive the crowd wild.

For the attention-seeker

If you’re buying a gift for someone who loves to steal the spotlight, help them out with limited-edition colors of our classic STREET by 50 over-ear line. Pick your punchiest shade from magenta, yellow, red, and blue violet.

For the hair-conscious music lover

Maybe your gift recipient wants to rock headphones with loud sound but a style that won’t interfere with their perfectly sculpted hair. Wrap up a box of STREET by 50 in-ear headphones for the same studio-quality sound of our over-ear models, but with a subtle in-ear look instead of a headband.

For the consummate traveler

For the person who can’t be chained down, goes from point A to point B in a flash, and thinks spontaneity is a way of life, hook them up with SMS Audio’s wireless headphones: SYNC by 50. With no wires to get in the way, all that’s left is music, portability, and a limitless lifestyle.

Check out SMS Audio’s authorized retailers for a store where you can stock up near you, or order online through

50 Cent knows a lot when it comes to music and the music industry. Put on your get-in-the-zone playlist and listen up to his words of wisdom on the world of music.

What’s your favorite quote or lyric from the list? Share it with your Twitter followers by clicking the “Tweet this” link next to the quote. Make sure you’re logged into Twitter, and it’ll automatically populate a tweet for you.

“Nothing matters but the music
/ Music my first love.” Tweet this.

“I'm down to sell records but not my soul.” Tweet this.

"My music is a soundtrack. The film is my life." Tweet this.

“Rap artists are like fighters. They don't need a coach to call them champ for them to believe it.” Tweet this.

“My songs belong in the Bible with King David.” Tweet this.

"Being shot defines how strong I am. It prepares you for the confusion of being an artist." Tweet this.

“The rap critics say I can rhyme, the fiends say my dope is a nine.” Tweet this.

"I'm not trying to save the world. As a musician and artist, it just ain't me." Tweet this.

Whether you’re listening to 50 Cent or any other artist, music is for everyone. That’s why SMS Audio headphones are engineered for all styles and genres. Start checking out the latest in headphones (from on-ear styles to DJ Pro Performance gear) from SMS Audio.

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